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If you are looking for a San Pedro moving company to help facilitate your move to this wonderful community within Los Angeles, you do not have to look further. There is only one professional moving company that you should consider and that should be us, the Long Beach Movers. We recognize the challenges of moving so we have dedicated ourselves to making sure that our customers will never have to feel stressed anymore.

San Pedro is a great community within the city of Los Angeles in California and you will definitely love it there. The community has a lot of great history and picturesque regions that both residents and visitors can enjoy. There is a mixture of everything in San Pedro – the charm of small town living, amazing cultural attractions, diverse shopping places, and a world class cruise center. Moving to this community may be one of the best decisions that you will ever make so allow us to help you start your new life in the fantastic community of San Pedro.

Providing Quality Service Since 2009

We are a professional moving company based in Long Beach, California and since we have been established, we have been building our reputation of being a company that people can trust. The importance of trust cannot be stressed enough, especially when we are talking about prized possessions and material things which our customers have invested on through their years of hard work. That is why we are also proud to say that we are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission, which means that we have met and passed all the regulatory standards for moving people within California.

When it comes to experience, you can count on us too. We may have started less than ten years ago, but we have a combined 74 years of skills and we do not intend to stop there. We believe in continuous improvement and we aim to do just that for the benefit of our customers. With our experience, you can be guaranteed of a fast service without compromising the safety of your things.

Services That We Offer

We value our customers and we make sure that we provide a comprehensive and affordable moving services to make their move easier and less stressful. We offer a wide range of services and these are the following:

Local and Long Distance Movers. Whether you are moving from a small house to a bigger mansion, we can provide our expertise and the equipment that you need to make your move. When you avail of our service, our truck and movers will arrive at your doorsteps with the equipment and packing supplies that you may need. We will provide wardrobe boxes, packing tape, and plastic wrap to get you started. All these will not be charged extra because they are already included in the package that you have availed.

  • Aside from those mentioned above, other items included in our hourly rate are the trucks and movers, fuel and mileage, tools and dollies, and basic insurance. Our rates are all inclusive which means we will not impose any additional or hidden charges when it comes to the total cost. All you have to pay is the hourly fee, no more and no less.

    Although we are based in Long Beach, we can also cater to customers who are moving anywhere within California. We perform long distance moves on a flat-rate basis with a complimentary visual estimate. Also, most of our movers are friendly locals so you do not have to worry about us getting lost on our way to deliver your things as we definitely know our way around.

  • Commercial and Office Movers. We can also offer our services to business owners who need to move simple office furniture such as desks and shelves to bigger ones such as cubicles and other heavy equipment. Large commercial bins will be available to ensure that possessions of employees will not be displaced among other things. We have trucks fully equipped with hydraulic lift gates to move heavy machineries with ease. Our movers have the required knowledge and skills to disassemble, pack, and reassemble the cubicles for you. We even have a carpenter on the team just in case his expertise will be needed.

    Long Beach Movers is licensed and fully insured, so you do not have to worry about your precious office equipment. You can request for an insurance certificate for your reference.

    We understand that your business should not be interrupted during normal office hours so we are available 24/7, just let us know the most convenient time for you.

  • Piano and Organ Movers. Because of the size, it can be really difficult to move a piano, especially if you have not done that before. Fortunately, you do not have to stress yourself out thinking how you will move yours. Being one of the best moving company in San Pedro, Long Beach Movers can handle that challenging task with the help of our movers and the right skills and equipment. Piano moving has a flat fee, but our team needs to survey some details because other factors such as stairs, elevators, and other similar factors can affect and add up to the flat fee.

    Aside from pianos and organs, Long Beach Movers can also move oversized refrigerators and gun safes carefully. Just let us know your moving needs and we can discuss the details with you.

  • We take pride in what we do so allow us to help you with your moving needs. You can try to look for other movers in San Pedro but please do not settle for any other moving company who claims to have the cheapest price. Look for the movers who are experienced, fast, careful, and professional. Look for the one who has the license and can provide security without any hidden charges. Only look for Long Beach Movers. Get in touch with us so we can guide you accordingly and provide you with a free quote. You can also check our website and go through the reservation process online. If you must settle, settle only with the best.

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