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Another great community to call home in the westernmost corner of Orange County is the city of Seal Beach. It is located on the coast east of Los Angeles, between Long Beach and Huntington Beach. You probably guessed it right, the city got its name after the seals that used to frequent the beach front. But nowadays, the city is not just known for the seals but also for the hometown appeal of the place. If you ever want to move to a place near the sea, this community is a fantastic choice. When you have finally decided to move, you should get the services of a Seal Beach Moving company for your moving needs.

The City of Seal Beach is not just an ideal place for your home. Because of its wide and sandy expanses, it is also a favorite destination of locals and visitors for surfing. Residences also often do kite surfing, windsurfing, and building castles along the beach. The city has a total area of 13 square miles or 34 square kilometers.

Aside from the beach, the city is also home to the second longest wooden pier in California. There are also parks, community centers, a tennis center, an indoor sports facility, and an aquatics facility for the residents’ recreation.The average temperature in the city ranges from 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and 55 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

The thought of moving to the city can be really exciting especially when you think about the things that you can do there. What can be daunting is the thought of the actual moving process. Just think about the time that you have to consume in order to finish packing everything and the stress that it can cause you and the entire family. Those can be enough reason for you to start having second thoughts about moving in the first place. But, you do not have to worry because you can always look for help. All you have to do is to get the services of a great professional moving company in Seal Beach, the Long Beach Movers.

Who Are The Long Beach Movers?

We are a company based in Long Beach, California and we have been providing quality moving services to our customers since 2009. Although our headquarters is in Long Beach, we can cater to different areas in the state of California as we are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission to move people within the state. We achieved the license by meeting all the regulatory standards imposed by the industry.

We are experts in the field as our people have a combined 74 years of skills and experience. But no matter how much experience we currently have, we do not want to stop improving. We will always improve our skills and hone our craft to ensure that we always deliver the best in what we do.

We support our community that is why most of our people are locals of Long Beach. That way, we can also make sure that we do not waste any time going around in circles as our people know our way around. No more worries on your part about the movers getting lost en route to your new place to deliver your things. We are also proud to say that we are friendly, yet we maintain professionalism when dealing with our customers.

Moving also requires not just the manpower, but also the necessary tools to do the job. Our trucks are fully equipped with lift gates and other industry approved assisting devices for a safe and efficient move. That means we are not just limited to storage boxes and other smaller items, but we are also well trained to handle bigger items such as pianos (regardless of the type), office equipment, cubicles, oversized refrigerators, and even gun safes weighing up to 1,200 lbs. As we have mentioned, we are fully licensed so you can feel at ease knowing that we will abide by all the industry rules in handling your possessions. If there is one thing that we can assure you, that would be quality service.

Services That We Offer

Our moving services are not just limited to one area and type of move. In fact, we offer a wide variety of services depending on our customers’ needs. We can assist with local and long distance residential moves (within the state of California), office and commercial moves, and even offer labor only movers if you have your own truck or you just simply do not have enough manpower to lift or rearrange your furniture.

What we are always proud of is that we value our customers’ trust and we have been doing that ever since we started in the business. We give an all inclusive rate and we make sure that we do not add any hidden charges to the surprise of our customers. Our hourly rates include all the basic necessities for your move and those include the truck and the movers, fuel and mileage, tape and shrink wrap, wardrobe boxes, tools and dollies, as well as basic insurance at no extra cost. What’s not included in our rates are regular moving boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap.

If you compare the rates of the movers in Seal Beach, you might think that our rates are higher than most. That may be true if your only basis is the hourly rate. However, when it comes to the total cost, Long Beach Movers is one of the lowest priced moving company in the state. While other companies may charge you for gas, truck fees, boxes, rolls of tapes and plastic wraps, we only charge you with the hourly rate which as mentioned, is already all inclusive. So, if you look at the total price, ours is still way lower than the others. If you are still not convinced, get in touch with us for a free quote and to discuss other questions that you may have. You can also complete the reservation form on our website for an easy and hassle-free process. Choose us and we will definitely make the moving process more manageable and more affordable for you.

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